Practice Management and Talent Acquisition Agency that emboldens Black Female Therapists to build a sustainable team structure allowing them to reclaim their time and increase the impact of their private practice. 

reclaim your time

Meet The Team 


Arienne is a ball of sunshine (True Leo Energy)! She enjoys connecting with fabulous women making a difference in the world and helping them to see the brilliance in themselves. Over the past 10 years, Arienne has worked in Higher Education leading various recruitment, hiring, training, operations, and professional development endeavors. Arienne is passionate about utilizing systems to design processes and procedures that allow for freedom and flexibility, so that we as women can normalize rest, relaxation, and luxury in all aspects of our lives and businesses

Arienne Janeé


Jasmine Kilgore

Marketing Assistant

Jasmine Kilgore is the Owner & Founder of The Creative Direction. She is committed to supporting women-owned brands with scaling their businesses by providing them with creative direction. Her goal during her creative process is to give women the freedom to generate profit and to live out their vision