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The Memorable Practice began as "Brilliant VA Services" in January 2021. Our CEO, Arienne wanted to create a business that could support WOC business owners in normalizing rest, relaxation, and luxury in their lives through getting the support necessary to free up time for them to focus on themselves. After working with a few Black Female Therapists, Arienne saw a need in this community to further support therapists who spend much of their time in the trenches with our trauma and do not leave much space for themselves. 

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Arienne decided it would be best to focusing specifically on Black Female Therapists and to support them in the backend of their practices in order to create the space needed for them to take vacations, make more money by working less, and clear mental space for them to focus on other passion areas.

Arienne understands all to well what its like being a Black Woman who feels they ne ed to be everything to everybody, as the oldest of 5 Arienne has been taking care o f others for most of her life and takes pride in being able to support others but t hat has often come at the cost of her own self-care, rest, and indulgence in everyday luxuries. The Memorable Practice allows Arienne to serve women who serve others and place serving from a full cup rather than an empty one at the center of why we do what we do.

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My Sorority: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.